Why do we celebrate Birthdays?

Birthdays. These are those awkward days on which we are made to realise that we are growing old. Albeit, in a celebratory mode. Why do we celebrate the day we were born on this Earth? What's so special in our births? Maybe the fact that all the cells, atoms & molecules in our bodies have fought hard to make it till date. Maybe every birthday is a reminder of the fact that we are born fighters. But, maybe also of the fact that we are slowly disintegrating into nothingness (or, everything-ness?!).

One aspect of the way in which we celebrate birthdays has intrigued me. And that is the so called "surprise" birthday parties. Is celebrating our birthdays even a surprise to us? As if we wouldn't know it's a special day unless we artificially create this "surprise" element? What's so surprising about the birthday parties? The materialistic gifts? The time and money spent in arranging for the event? Or the mere fact that we are aging? Isn't the cale…

Freedom from my mind

I always wanted to be free. Free from all the invisible shackles, That bound me to invisible ideals That made me just a part of the whole.
I always dreamt of charting my own path, Path gleaming and glistening with youthful dreams Dreams that are screaming to be realized Dreams that have never been dreamt before
But dreams are just dreams It takes grit & guts to make them real Where did mine go? Where did I lose myself?
I lay prisoner within myself now The web which society weaved for me The web which I wanted to tear open I lay trapped within it I lay trapped within myself
I became the web I became the enemy I was fighting against I became the prison I dreaded I became the mask I wanted to shred
Where lies freedom? It's nowhere to be seen Where lie the dreams? They are nowhere to be found
All I have is society Living comfortably within my mind All I have is this mind Which is no more mine
The enemy has seeped into me Twisting and turning my identity It's beyond my recogni…

Living my dream of teaching - Some reflections

I distinctly remember my English period in Class 3, when my teacher was about to leave the classroom after the roll call. My friend and I were discussing what careers we will choose when we grow up. I thought for a few seconds and answered her, "I will become a Kannada teacher!" My English teacher, who was overhearing our conversation, looked at me and smiled. I thought it offended her that I wasn't willing to teach English, and I retorted to my friend, "No! I will become an English teacher!" My teacher again smiled at me and left the class.

Since that moment, consciously or subconsciously, I had been, and have been, nurturing this wish of mine to teach. Throughout my middle school, I used to teach imaginary students at my home, writing on the stone and wooden planks available around me. I had bought a big box of chalk pieces especially for this purpose. I used to feel an immense amount of pleasure and satisfaction doing this.

And then I joined law. Though gen…

Life at TISS so far - Some Major Learnings

Finally I have taken time to pen my thoughts down in my blog, hadn't done it since a very long time. It's so hard to believe that it's already October, 2015. Time just swooshed by so swiftly this year, it's remarkable. It's also hard to believe that it was on January 10 of this same year that I gave the TISS entrance exam, and every night thereafter, prayed with trepidation that I want to be there at TISS. My heart gets filled with warmth when I remember the early months of this year when I attended the entrance exam and interview of Azim Premji University, and yes, not to mention the Bar exam (which was such a joke, and whose results I am not able to access, I do not know why!). 
Most of the academic year 2014-2015 was spent by me doing nothing at all, but lying in my bed at home and dreaming of a better future, dreaming of the idiomatic light at the end of the tunnel. And ever since the day I got into TISS, it is as if time started running at double the speed an…

Why my marriage is none of your business

This post is dedicated to every single person, male or female, who has asked, or who will ask, me and my parents, questions like, "What kind of a guy do you want?", "When are you getting her married?", "Why don't you get her married?", "Are you searching for a guy for her?", "Do you know how to cook?", etc. 

People, Namaste.

I am a girl in my early twenties; haven't yet created an identity for myself, haven't learnt to stay comfortable within my own skin, haven't found myself as I want to be found by myself, haven't even started with my career. There's already enough clutter in my head regarding so many many issues and I clearly do not have any space left for any more concerns.

Why am I telling this to you? This is too personal right? Right. So is my marriage. MARRIAGE! Frankly speaking, everyone who has asked me or my parents the above questions, makes me pledge that I won't get married and I don't want…

What do I want to do in life?

I have never been so confused in life. Seriously. It's such a total mess inside my head. So many things going on, ideas and thoughts colliding with each other, with nothing conclusive happening. It's said that this shouldn't be the case at this stage and age of my life. I should already have got my answers. Seriously? I really want to know what such people are made of, who have successfully lived their lives in such a linear fashion. THEY HAVE ALWAYS KNOWN WHAT THEY HAVE WANTED IN THEIR LIVES! It's just wow! I for once haven't been bestowed with this wonderful power, NOT ONCE. I have never known conclusively what I have wanted in life. In fact, I didn't want to go to school during early childhood once 'coz the teacher used to hit/scold me 'coz I wouldn't do my homework, and once 'coz I was plain tired of school I guess. After the completion of my 10th std., I opted for Science (OMG!) 'coz well, I thought that was what I was supposed to do, …

Life after graduation: The lessons I learnt from my first job

So, it's been around one month and a half, approximately, since my final year results have been declared, and I have barely managed to be counted in the ilks of the few number of students from my class who have scored a 'First Class'. (Do not be mistaken by this 'Class'ification of students. It doesn't necessarily reflect upon the knowledge gained (by me). It's just a meaningless number that would be printed on my degree certificate, due to which I might earn some appreciation here and there, with some people still commenting that I could have done better, I could have gotten a distinction.) Anyway, we had been told that the Convocation (Aww!) would happen in the last week of September or the first week of October. But then, as was expected, no signs of any Convocation being held any time soon are to be seen.
After pretending to be seriously involved in the study of law for five lawwwwnngg years, I have finally gotten out of the role play I had been doing. I…