Trip to Magod Falls...?!!

Today..was a special day for me...I had gone to Magod Falls, one of the great treasures of Nature, which has carved itself a cozy niche in the bosom of the Western was truly Heaven on Earth...its resplendent awe...its serenity...its serendipity...was worth the effort...we (all the residents of doctors' quarters) set off early in the morning...towards our cherished abode...I chose to go with give a break to the monotony of life....I found that it was more than the intended breaking of was sneak-peek into the Nature's bounty...which lie so calm...and at a spiritual brought in an unknown peace of mind...
This trip has made me wonder why we have been so handicapped as to see the Nature with a curiosity of seeing something out of the world...We arrange special trips to relish the Nature's feast...we stand with our mouths wide open in front of water falls, rivers, streams, mountains and valleys...we look at them as if they do not belong to if they are there..just because they have to be...not understanding that We are the Nature...Nature is Us...We need not, and ought not to make 'trips' to Nature...trips to Ourselves...we ought to understand that We are what we see and cherish...we ought to enjoy every bit of our time spent with "Ourselves"..without getting overwhelmed by the pious beauty of our tryst...
This becomes very important in the present times when, touch wood, at least we get to see a bit of Nature...and Ourselves in it....
The grunt of daily life eats so much into us that we no longer remain human...we remain reduced to slogging donkeys...following the crowd, going into the abyss of the material world...Nature has been reduced to a "trip making rarity"...we are left thirsting for every glimpse of greenery...every little manifestation of Nature...because we have forgotten ourselves...we have forgotten our Nature...we live in the world to which we don't belong...we belong to the soil, to the trees, to the water, to the forests....not to the concrete suffocating junk realise our Ultimate goal, our rendezvous with Nature ought to be an infinite scheme....otherwise, Nature will deceive us more than we deceive it...We will be standing hopelessly deceived by ourselves..
Touch Wood..!! 


  1. Hi. This is Pradeep from Bangalore. It would be really helpful, if u can provide us more details on the same, as we are planning for a trip toward dandeli. We also wanna go to Magod. Appreciate your response. Thanks. :)
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