Why are men the way they are...?

Men...the great great men...I have met very few men who don't try to ascertain their masculinity every moment...who don't try to prove themselves men every time...it seems that most of the men today, feel hollow...they need constant reassurance from themselves about their status...about their power...about their being men...if this is not done..their chauvinism would literally strangle them...
but I am not generalizing my opinion about men....I know Mahatma Gandhi and Swami Vivekananda mean to me...but why should such personalities stand out as exceptions in society..? why can't every man be another Mahatma or Vivekananda..? Why does everyone get swayed by the winds of mass trauma every time..? Why don't they be what they are..? Without trying to defend their sexuality..?
When women speak about this, they are tagged as feminists and as feeling inferior to men...!!
Strange world....may be it is meant to be strange...!


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