Why is Law Irritatingly Utopic...?

Law...the great Indian Constitution...Democracy...Norms...Traditions...Nobility...Honesty...Integrity...Truth.... MAY THY SOULS REST IN PEACE....AMEN....when these are no more to be found...why keep their rotting corpses in the life's dictionary...? Why rever them and run after them...only to be found hopelessly heart broken..? Why at all consider them the gems of life..? Gems are never lackluster...they dance with sheen till doom's day...
Why should we study Law...WHEN IT NO LONGER EXISTS..?
Why are children taught about honesty, truthfulness, integrity, BLAH...BLAH..BLAH...when they brutally molest them in their adulthood..?
Why is friendship defined...when friends no longer remain FRIENDS...?
Why is Law so damn irritatingly Utopic...that leaves a Law Student crushingly broken when he finds himself face to face with THE NEW ORDER LAWS OF GREED, AVARICE, POWER HUNGER, JEALOUSY, HATREDNESS, SELF-CENTREDNESS & THROAT SLITTING COMPETITION..?
Why should such dream world law be learnt..?
Are legal scholars really PRACTICAL LEGAL SCHOLARS?
Is merit really being nourished..?
Are students really made into responsible citizens...?
Are citizens really defined?
Law is an ass...but the ass is dead....let the ass rest in peace....LET US ALL BURY ITS CORPSE WITH POMP AND SHOW...MISSION ACCOMPLISHED..!!!


  1. too good a post. But, looks like you are outbursted. :) These kinda posts are rarest of rares. Keep it up. At the same time, try to bring in positive energy. post depicts the anger at its peak. :) I came across your blog, while i was searching for Magod Falls info. I just read few of your posts in the blog.Looks very interesting.


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