September 30, 2010...

The world seems to be at a stand still...My nation seems to be on the edge of an unknown fire...The Allahabad High Court just now came out with the verdict of the Ram janmabhoomi - Babri Masjid Case. Alas! We have been divided yet again! Yet again we are made to realise that we are not humans...we are Hindus and Muslims...We are not Indians...
Lord Ram is said to be born on the contentious land...Being a Hindu, I deeply respect the religious sentiments of my brethren...But what all of us failed to comprehend is, just because Lord Ram is born on a land, are we also entitled to own it? Did Lord Ram own the land? Now that 'we' have 'got' the land, what are we going to do with it? Are we going to get the Lord back? On the other hand, can we not worship Lord Ram more devoutly by inculcating his morals and values into ourselves? Does our religion preach us to fight for lands? If this is so, it is with deep regret that I concede that we are not Hindus....we have not understood what Hinduism is...WE HAVE NOT UNDERSTOOD WHAT LORD RAM IS...What productive solution have we gotten by yet again proving shamelessly to the world and unfailingly to ourselves, that we do not belong to the religion of humanity?
Here, I would like to highlight Articles 25 to 28 of the Constitution of India, which guarantee the Right to Religion. This Right to Religion is inclusive of overtly practicing any long held beliefs and customs by all persons. Does this mean that we can fight to secure lands? I hope not.
What did we want to prove by acquiring this land? It is a shame on us..Shame on us being Hindus...If Lord Ram were here on this day, would he be pleased with the decision? Would he celebrate his 'victory'? Would he patron us? NO. ITS A BIG NO.
We never know..if in the near future, someone discovers the 'Krishna Janmasthana' or 'Ganesh Janmasthana' and files a petition to secure the land....What will happen of us? What will happen of Hinduism?
Lord Ram will surely not forgive us of our grave sin...of spreading violence in his name...I pay my deep apologies to Lord Ram...for having been an unwilling yet unavoidable part of this fracas.
Lord Ram....please take care of the future...We are but puppets in your hands..Lead us into the Light...from this blinding Darkness...Lead us into You...Lead us into Humanity...


  1. hey pranu its so true yar...... really tis world is getting too impractical.... i just loved ur post...... n by the way why dont u try for any of the newspapers to publish the same as an article.... these DH people may help u..... try yar.... its really nice..... n i just love all ur blog posts yar... they are simply awesome n close to heart.... i'm all time follower of ur blogs yar.... n do inform tis frnd as n wen u post new blogs over here yar.... well all the best for ur further posts yar....

  2. hi darling,
    it was again a hit!.. as usual..
    But...everyone knows according to ASI reports the place was not built by babur..
    so.. why accept falsehood?!.. why let others cover and potray falsely the ancient rich history of India?..this is not the only place where it has happened.. all over india u will find it..u saw it at golconda too!
    jus cuz some 1947 Act of indian constitution says that all places of worship will remain as on that day except ramjanmabhoomi-babri masjid!!
    so out of the many such false claims only ram lalla has come to the limelight!!!

  3. Hi. I do not know who you are. But, thought of just commenting on the post. Yes you are absolutely right in a sense that sanatana dharma i.e Hinduism never preaches fight not just for land but for all.
    But, just wanted to bring in few facts. Most of us are human beings. A place to worship is not at all required, if you can practice God inside you. But, is that possible to all? Nope right? Because Human beings always need some reference. Similarly a place to worship u can call it as a Gudi or Devasthana. On a similar note, we live in a world of something called as "NAMBIKE" (in kannada). We believe that ram has born and a great temple exist at the same place where there is case in the court now. Whether Rama born at the same place or not, but the belief of crores of people across the country is that he was born and there was a temple. Hence the issue. I hope we could resolve this issue sooner. I am confident on that.


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