Life without Cell Phone..:)

My cell phone crashed on Saturday..:) I profusely thank God for having getting things done with it...! Life without it far more least for an addict like temptations to irritations o'er no agitations o'er redemptions o'er precipitous replies...No complaints...I needed it to make my voyage meaningful...I needed to get to terms with know how creatively I waste time... to know how damn lazy I am...Plans are in the offing to get de-addicted to Facebook as well...With God's grace, all will be well done...I am coming to realise that cell phone is of no real use to me...I am not dead without cell phone...In fact, I am more than happy without it...It has gotten rid of so many of my silly useless sucking problems...This post is a homage to this cell phone of a thing...the very sight of which has me listening to myself telling let go of it...and live a happy and peaceful life... Exigencies apart...I am enjoying every bit of this life without it...
Long dead of a rotten thing...may thy life be peaceful as it is...serene as it gets to be....


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