The year saw a great professional success at Trivandrum....made me realize the value of dedication and hard work...made me realize i am worth a fortune..provided i exert myself into work...den...as if to balance dis came d big bad bouncer of a heart break...changed me completely...i can never again be the same person as I was before...! I thank God for that..! I love being the new me...:) My life changed at Vidya Poshak...wherefrom I chose to grow where I was planted...I chose to walk on the path which was meant for me...And now, I am happier than ever before...I then met great loving caring people...to whom I forever remain obliged for having made this year an unforgettable one..!! I love u all, beautiful people...u just rock..!! Studies, I should say, took a back seat this semester...But I do not regret it...I feel it was needed...It was needed to ensure that all the upcoming semesters would be gloriously lively, all the upcoming moments of my life would be filled with infinite joy and serenity..! This year brought me in close association with Love, the all lovely..! I understood what is love and what is not. I understood maturity..I understood the crux of life...I understood myself...I understood God...fell in love with people...and am enjoying every bit of it...
The year was stupendously fantabulous..!! I profusely thank God for having made it one..!! I thank the people who have made me go crazy about them..!!
I thank good Heavens for showering such invaluable sagacity on me..!!
I loved 2010..!!
Loved it to the core..!!


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