I at Eighteen...

It has been 18 long years since I have been born...I was born soon after the Government of India announced its New Industrial Policy...Soon after LPG became the new governmental mantra for my Nation...I was born in the wake of a new technological revolution...A sweeping change was witnessing India - which stood, and still stands, feeling lost...tired...unable to comprehend what is going on...Brought up amidst values of truth, honesty, kindness and respect for elders, i now stand at the vantage point of eighteen...Beholding the glorious vistas life has thrown upon me...Every day of these years has been a new chapter, I knowing not its title and content, opening up to wondrous surprises and sagacity...Every page of the book so vibrant with life; be it filled to the brim with sadness, or bubbling with happiness, full with life, through thick and thin...I feel very blissful, and get shifted to a trance when I ardently thank God for all He has given me...For all the privileges and love He has bestowed upon me...and above all, for making me capable enough to achieve what I dream of...This eighteenth year of my sojourn into Life has been contented with itself....no matter how many tempests it has had to experience, the salty tears taste very sweet, once they dry... I have started knowing about myself..the kind of person I am...the kind of temperament I have...and the kind of disposition I possess...Though tumultuous, I have enjoyed the pregnant wisdom every modicum of moment my years have possessed...I forever remain humbly obliged to God for having given me this birth...for having letting me drown into His realm of transcendental experiences of happiness...for having given me an opportunity to "feel" what being a human being feels like...what it feels like in letting myself watch beautiful thoughts fly across the vacuum of my mind...what it feels like to smile...and cry...and laugh and make merry...what it feels like to "live"...and above all, what it feels like to "FEEL"..!! 


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