Love...As I see It...

That which makes you feel weak is not Love.
That which makes you feel you are being crushed to earth is not Love.
That which makes you pity on yourself and brings tears in your eyes is not Love.
Love is when you feel the person with you and you very well know he/she too, feels you by their side.
Love is when neither of you see each other as different from one another and express the deepest and the darkest feelings of your heart without a tinge of hesitation.
Love is when both of you know how much you miss each other when not together and when this very fact makes you love deeper and as selflessly as ever.
And above all, Love is when he/she knows that your Love is selfless but by no means lets you feel selfless!
All else, kindred souls, is a shitty crap drain caused on us when our Self, our Ego, is hurt.
May this talisman find an ardent taker in its reader.


  1. Hi Blogger :

    As per my first impression i would say "A good words wrap" as it includes many simple day to day statements realized either by self experience or other's .Also i notice a slight touch of negative influence in your wordings as you are trying to convey the positivity of insecurity of love .......anyway Heavy thoughts ...

    My Views on Same Topic @ below address ...

    Read and Write In Your Views :)



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