The Show Stoppers...

Our life is an endless cycle of chains of ramp walks...The designers keep changing...Our clothes keep changing...the venues keep changing...the audience keeps changing...but we, remain ourselves...though a bit bruised here and tattered there due to fashion faux pas, we sustain till the end and emerge "successful models"...sometimes we don the crown of being a show stopper, and sometimes we ourselves bestow this cherished position to someone else...though everyone on the ramp will have been our dearies and nearies, in the end, there emerges only one Show Stopper, for whose glimpse we keep dying for...the show stopper not only steals our very own show from us, but, mind you, as the name goes, stops it...The show was for us...the ramp was for us...why then heed to the glamorous show stopper...? Instead, why not enjoy us being in the limelight..? Why not fulfill our deemed responsibilities..?
Let us rock the Show...Let us blaze the ramp...Let us be Show Stoppers all to ourselves and not get overwhelmed by the paparazzi and glitterati...
Long live Haute Couture...!


  1. heheh not sure whether have i read this before or is this d first time i reading it ...words,texture ,arrangement,style seems to be felt before ...anyways good work ......


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