The Untimely Rain...

Today marks yet another step ahead in creating awareness about HIV/AIDS....As FPAI volunteers, we experience a greater sense of responsibility of carrying forward the legacy of educating the masses not only regarding sexual and reproductive health but also regarding the problems relating to adolescents...In this line, we enacted a street play at the Law School...Though not flawless, it was a great experience...Later, was the screening of the movie - The Unwanted Rain... I dedicate this blog post to the theme of the movie - adolescent issues and contraction of AIDS...the movie embarked upon shunning off the long held parasitic superstitions of the society which reprimands natural attraction towards the opposite showcased a mother assuring her daughter that she would not be yelling at her if she spoke about her new found made the conservatives just stop for a second and understand that Nature cannot be defied...Teenagers are not irresponsible...Floozies are humans with emotions...And their clients are hapless victims of Nature...One analogy which has made an indelible imprint in my heart is - If an extremely hungry person eats some food which turns out to be poisoned, will he be tagged a criminal?
Will rains...which are no less than God to the despised and deprecated just because they are untimely? Will the parched Earth reprimand Mother Nature? Can the rains be unwanted in any time of the peasant's life..?
Nature's intelligence is unmatchable...Attraction is as natural as rain...It is not unwanted...But people tend to showcase it as unwanted by misusing or over using it...Similar to a knife..which has dual purposes..
Let us respect Nature..Let us rever He has created us...!


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