The Zahir...

Just sometime back finished listening to "The Zahir" by Paulo Coelho...It made me a still greater fan of his...He commands no less than a lifelong ode to the way he tenderly and boldly arrests every tiny thought of human mind..and how he spreads them across the silky carpet of imagination, to let it fly and fly as if by Genie's magic mantra...Reading the book made me realize how important having a Zahir in my life can be...and further how helpful it can be if this Zahir is my cherished dream I want to important it is to love only after understanding its true meaning...and how crucial it is to realize that love does not exist to expect itself in return... It made me realize how people now-a-days are hiding behind the false cloak of love to satisfy their lustful desires and how they are "suffering" without realizing they had never loved their "beloved" and had ever thought that they could well be in possession of the mind, body and soul of their partner..It made me realize that Love is everywhere...we just need to have powerful enough an eyesight, and most importantly, the mind sight to feel and enjoy it..Love is the Divine Energy through which God manifests Himself in every nook and corner of this world...Love is that Power which helps us realize to the fullest, the true Spirits that we are...Love wants it to be recognized as has been created by God..and not as has been twisted and turned according to hte whims and fancies of the lesser mortals, getting lost in their self created labyrinth...Love wants Zahir to be visible to every beating heart...and Zahir to be loving every creation of God...Love wants itself to be the Zahir...and Zahir..the man...and thus God Himself...


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