The way I have learnt to live life...

In the beginning of my graduation, I knew not who I was...I knew not my likings and dislikings...I knew not the purpose of my existence on Earth..All I knew was that I had to excel in my chosen field of study - Law...All I knew was that I had to study exerting myself into the subjects...into the vast ocean of knowledge...
This well and good, God had other plans for me...He wanted to teach me the ways of life...And I am grateful to him for having done so..! He taught me to understand me..He taught me to understand people...He taught me to understand their manipulation...He taught me to understand their psychology...
Now, I have reached such a point wherein I am tempted to be nice to my perceived "enemies"...At the same time, I am tempted not to get involved with them emotionally...Smile for a smile...Smile for a frown...And in both the cases, the smile got to be of the same qualitative intensity...When I say I am tempted not to get emotionally involved with them, it stands understood that even when I return a smile for a smile, I am tempted not to do this with a feeling inside of me that  that "enemy" of mine has "transformed" and has "realised" the "truth"...I ought not to give much thought as to whether the person has really "understood" or no...It is immaterial...At the same time, hating them is also immaterial...Loving them too, is unnecessary...What I need to do is be friendly to all..! All means all..! No grudges..! No ill feelings..! No discomforts..! Truly boundaryless..!
Here, a substantial question of concern may arise as to how should the natural loving and trusting propensity of a human being like me be managed...
For this, the answer is very simple...the focal point of all love, faith, trust, hope, happiness and bliss has to be Me..! For, in me lies God..! In me lies the Divinity..! I should love myself more than anyone..! Only after me, shall I be loving all my dear ones...But, one important fact to be kept in mind is, I love them...this should not mean I am dependent on them...I ought to be dependent on myself only..! Because, in myself alone lies God..! In me lies the happiness I am seeking in others..!
I love this..!
Thank you, God..!


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