Why is everyday the best day of our lives...

Everyday opens up with a new opportunity to experience life in its entirety...Everyday opens up for ourselves to love the world we are in, gives us an opportunity to let go off the past, to make peace with our enemies and to feel the satisfaction derived out of forgiveness... Everyday makes us realize we are something more than our body...We are divinity embodied in us..We are the power...We share our ancestry with the Sun; for, it is God who has created the Sun and all of us...Everyday makes us realize that we possess in us, the same amount of resplendent aura and energy, as does the Sun...We have in us, the same amount of patience and love, as does the Earth, in containing all its beings...Everyday makes us realize what wonderful packages of energy we all are..! What wonderful embodiments of peace, love and happiness we all are..! Every rising Sun stands testimony to the impeccable courage and determination we all possess, like the Sun, who falls everyday, but rises with a renewed vibrant brightness, to spread happiness and cheer everywhere..Everyday we wake up feeling grateful to the soothing feeling of the sleep we would have just then have had...We wake up to live life in its entirety, yet again, making peace with our "enemies"..I call them "enemies" and not enemies because, enemies do not exist...they are the creations of our minds...For, everyone is the child of God...and thus everyone has a chance of redemption...None of us is perfect...Everyday makes us realize how important it is to forgive the mistakes of others...Everyday drives home the truth that in forgiveness alone lies the ultimate freedom of the mind from the past...in forgiveness alone lies a bright future...Everyday makes us realize that forgiveness may not mean rebuilding the broken bonds; in fact, it makes us realize that how important it is to just let go off the corpse of the dead past..and embrace the beautiful present in its entirety..! How beautiful everyday is..! How peaceful everyday is..! How it makes us love the people around us..! How it makes us boundaryless..! All praise be to you, God..! All praise be to you..!


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