Being a daisy among daisies...

This blog is the aftermath of reading Paulo Coelho's blogpost - Daisy and Selfishness (
Paulo Coelho opines that a daisy's rightful place is in the garden full of daisies...It should not be selfish and strive to stand out when it knows that all its brethren are equally qualitative...As I finished reading the blog, I was left with a thought lurking behind my mind...What should a daisy do, when it is surrounded by rotting, infected daisies around it in the garden? What should the daisy do when it wants to save itself from the scourge of annihilation? What should it do when it experiences a burning desire to be alive so that the daisy in its purity is beholden by the world? What should the daisy do when it wants to save its identity..when it does not want to lose itself in the mass hysteria..when it finds itself hearing the clarion call that just one step aloof from the herd, and a bright future is waiting for it..wherein the world's best daisies will find its glorious company..wherein it will find itself growing up on the spiritual scale..and where it knows it can redeem itself of all its sins and mistakes..!
Waiting for answers from the readers..


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