Dear God, Will you be my Valentine..:)

The sun will rise tomorrow to behold a morning filled with Love..The breeze will start its voyage through the sweet air filled with happiness and dreams...The birds will awaken to sing to us all, the long cherished songs of Love...Cupid's bows will have struck innumerable number of couples...And I am being no exception to this Law of Nature..:)
Yes.!! I am in Love..:) Madly in Love..:) And this Love seems to be unconditional and irrevocable..:)
Every Valentine will be a memorable day to celebrate this triumph of Love..!
And no surprises..:) I am in love with God..:) The Almighty..! The One and Only..:) His Divine Grace has made me what I am today..:) His Transcendental Bliss has so enigmatically enraptured my Being, that I am bringing myself of living a very peaceful and contented life...I behold a very beautiful life with a vision which has so very changed, after I fell in Love with Him...
This Letter is a humble piece of prayer for his unstoppable shower of Love and affection, which He has always showering unto me, since 18 years...:) This Valentine's Day, I reminisce all the memorable moments of encounters I have had with Him, which have transformed me into an avid lover of His...I love Him, because I trust Him...I respect Him..My Life is a humble treatise of one of His tiny manifestations...I am cocksure that He is going to be my Valentine, as He has always been, this Valentine's Day too..:)
I evoke unto Him, of His omnipotent Love and Blessings...
Dear God, Will you be my Valentine..:)


  1. hey while googling ...i came accros ur post....its awesome....sending you a add on FB do accept me....guess the connection string is "BoundaryLess"


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