It is a matter of months. I will no longer fit in the scientific definition of 'adolescence'...Standing at this vantage point in time, I realize that God has been graceful enough in bestowing upon me a lot of knowledge which I would need to lead a healthier future life...
Adolescence. The very word, brings in a shrivel with it. It rings in excitement and restlessness. The sound of constant influxes of shoals of butterflies fluttering carefree in the stomachs echoes in. Adolescence is an age wherein most part of our development takes place. It is a very sensitive age too.
An average adolescent, though, lives in an environment of constant insecurity. He/she lives with a mindset that something is terribly going wrong with his/her morality. He/she starts having apprehensions about their very own conduct. They always want to experiment; to try out new things; to experience life in its widest of the manifestations. They want to lead their own life and not listen to anyone. They want to define themselves.
I, with all this cooking in my mind, have made mistakes. Very sour ones. But I strongly believe that, they have helped me define myself greatly. I still have not got over them. Nor do I believe I ever will. This is so, because they stand as exemplary examples as to how lowly one can fall down in one's own eyes and how easy it is to believe in oneself and move on. I have realised that adolescents are not getting the much wanted attention they need. They need guidance and assistance in coping up with themselves to a lot more extent than we could possibly imagine..They need to feel secure..They need to stop feeling like criminals...They need to be reconciled with their changing individualities..And I am glad that I have somehow atlast reached this vantage point to behold a vistaramic sight, which has its own dizzying heights and lowly vales. The scene shows itself to me as a great reminder of how carefully I got to invest myself into things. It makes me realise my worth. It makes me appreciate the people who care for me. It makes me happy for the cheerful, unforgettable moments I have come to spent in this wonderful world. It has made me feel grateful for God's creation, including sorrow. I have come to realise that without deception, sorrow, guilt, shame, all the virtues would not recognize themselves as virtues. Good would not know how good it is, bit for the Bad to exist. Similarly, I would not know how strong I can be, but for the weakness to stand in front of me with open arms, crying for me to embrace it, when it knows that I wanted someone to embrace me, lest I feel lonely and left out.
I now realise that I am stronger than I knew I was and happier than I thought I could be. I have come to live life to the fullest in each of its filling moments, and trying to make better informed choices.
Life after all, is lead only once, and I want to lead it as it is deserved to be lead. I raise a toast to Life..:) Sweet Life..:)
I bid a warm adieu to Adolescence, which has taught me what is Love and most importantly what is Not...what is attraction and what is crush, and most importantly what is Friendship...Above all, for having made me realise what I am..What I can be..and What I should be...!!


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