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We! The Youth!

A typical life of the typical youth today....
We compare ourselves with 'stars' of Bollywood and conclude that we are not beautiful/handsome...We set fictitious standards of beauty....We feel pressurized to have girlfriend(s)/boyfriend(s)...We easily fall prey to infatuation, with an impression that it is love...We find studies boring....We find everything else interesting...We want to booze...We want to go on bike rides...treks...what not...We want to be let free...We want to 'enjoy' life...We want to behave as if we have a lot of responsibility and its attached work, though we have none...We want to show-off...We want to impress...We want to be the Kings/Queens...We do not want to work...We want to rule the world!
Awesome! Right? Hold on! Be happy that we 'want' so many things! We still got life in us! Struggling to live by itself, with itself! There are so many other things which we do not want to do!
We do not want to speak truth because it is so old-fashio…

World Cup 2011

April 2, 2011.
India emerged a world champion in the Cricket World Cup after a long lull. People had waited for this day with baited breath. They had dreamed of this day, ask not how many times and with what intensity. And now when India has at last emerged a global champion, the joy of Indians knows no bounds. No sooner did the Indian captain hit the much needed six, fire crackers went into the skies in dizzying heights. The Indian skies were filled with colorful sparks of the winning sensation. The jubilation and sheer euphoria which has drugged the midnight air is ecstatic. There is a deep sense of satisfaction and content in everyone, and a deep sense of respect and love towards the boys in blue. Cricket in India has never been just a game. It has been a way of life - a religion. For some, it is the purpose of life. Cricketers here have temples built in their names. They are worshiped as Gods.
I as an individual have never been fascinated by cricket. I seldom watch matches. All th…