We! The Youth!

A typical life of the typical youth today....
We compare ourselves with 'stars' of Bollywood and conclude that we are not beautiful/handsome...We set fictitious standards of beauty....We feel pressurized to have girlfriend(s)/boyfriend(s)...We easily fall prey to infatuation, with an impression that it is love...We find studies boring....We find everything else interesting...We want to booze...We want to go on bike rides...treks...what not...We want to be let free...We want to 'enjoy' life...We want to behave as if we have a lot of responsibility and its attached work, though we have none...We want to show-off...We want to impress...We want to be the Kings/Queens...We do not want to work...We want to rule the world!
Awesome! Right? Hold on! Be happy that we 'want' so many things! We still got life in us! Struggling to live by itself, with itself! There are so many other things which we do not want to do!
We do not want to speak truth because it is so old-fashioned/ inconvenient...We do not want to speak to our parents because we have concluded from our doctrinaire thesis that they do not understand us as time (things) have changed...We do not want to be righteous...We do not want to be teetotalers...We do not want to dispossess our cell phones...We do not want to compromise...We do not want to shed our egos...We do not want to listen to what our parents got to say about our lives...We do not want to change!
We do not want to be ourselves...We do not want to 'stick out like a sore thumb' by being ourselves...We do not want to lose out on our popularity because of our ideological support...We do not want to be hurt...We do not want to be rejected...
We forever want to be crowned to glory all the time, at all the places...!
And We are the Proud citizens of the Youngistan, who only know how to want and how not to want trivial things...We take pride in announcing our citizenship of Youngistan because it has a movie star making quick bucks by declaring that such a dream world really does exist!
We brush aside hard workers as 'nerds' and embrace total good-for-nothings as 'cool hunks'!
We believe when a movie star says that 'Bunking is allowed' while advertising for a drink and imbibe it in our lives...We believe the movie stars when they sing ''mere Daddy hai naraz lekin party abhi baaki hai" and take immense pride in being like those 'stars'..!
Amazing na!
Tip off! For us! The Youth! India's pride!


  1. Hmm.. its "COOL"!!.. I wish that u realise what message u wanna pass on with this beautifyl piece of article..REALISE IT!!

  2. Yeah... All this is true. N well written. But isn't this one side of the story? The pessimistic side?


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