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My Fantastical Dream Last Night

I looked at his hand...his palm...till the elbow...he had set his arm on fire! His hand was burning...and he said he had done that to improve his will power, strength and determination! Nothing at all, was happening to his hand...It was just burning...And he walked around the school campus as if he was born out of fire.
We then had a racing competition. Everyone of us, had to run along the highway, amidst the traffic of vehicles. I had my backpack on my stomach, the zippers open, all my belongings spilling over the road...The contact lens case spilled and I passionately rushed to save them. There were a group of men standing, who looked like gundas belonging to the politicos. One of them took the spilled lenses, which had grown large - like that of magnifying lenses - put them into the case, and smilingly handed them over to me. I, as if straight out of a Bollywood movie, was filled with tears at his goodness and generosity, received the case, in which I saw one of them was torn, and …