Break open all the one with the Boundaryless..!!

You are me....I am You....We are the Universe...We are the trees, the insects, the animals.....We are Our Enemies...We are Our Hatred....We are the Love...Love thyself....You will love the Universe....Hate yourself....and you will discern that you are the most hated..!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dear God, Will you be my Valentine..:)

The sun will rise tomorrow to behold a morning filled with Love..The breeze will start its voyage through the sweet air filled with happiness and dreams...The birds will awaken to sing to us all, the long cherished songs of Love...Cupid's bows will have struck innumerable number of couples...And I am being no exception to this Law of Nature..:)
Yes.!! I am in Love..:) Madly in Love..:) And this Love seems to be unconditional and irrevocable..:)
Every Valentine will be a memorable day to celebrate this triumph of Love..!
And no surprises..:) I am in love with God..:) The Almighty..! The One and Only..:) His Divine Grace has made me what I am today..:) His Transcendental Bliss has so enigmatically enraptured my Being, that I am bringing myself of living a very peaceful and contented life...I behold a very beautiful life with a vision which has so very changed, after I fell in Love with Him...
This Letter is a humble piece of prayer for his unstoppable shower of Love and affection, which He has always showering unto me, since 18 years...:) This Valentine's Day, I reminisce all the memorable moments of encounters I have had with Him, which have transformed me into an avid lover of His...I love Him, because I trust Him...I respect Him..My Life is a humble treatise of one of His tiny manifestations...I am cocksure that He is going to be my Valentine, as He has always been, this Valentine's Day too..:)
I evoke unto Him, of His omnipotent Love and Blessings...
Dear God, Will you be my Valentine..:)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Being a daisy among daisies...

This blog is the aftermath of reading Paulo Coelho's blogpost - Daisy and Selfishness (
Paulo Coelho opines that a daisy's rightful place is in the garden full of daisies...It should not be selfish and strive to stand out when it knows that all its brethren are equally qualitative...As I finished reading the blog, I was left with a thought lurking behind my mind...What should a daisy do, when it is surrounded by rotting, infected daisies around it in the garden? What should the daisy do when it wants to save itself from the scourge of annihilation? What should it do when it experiences a burning desire to be alive so that the daisy in its purity is beholden by the world? What should the daisy do when it wants to save its identity..when it does not want to lose itself in the mass hysteria..when it finds itself hearing the clarion call that just one step aloof from the herd, and a bright future is waiting for it..wherein the world's best daisies will find its glorious company..wherein it will find itself growing up on the spiritual scale..and where it knows it can redeem itself of all its sins and mistakes..!
Waiting for answers from the readers..

Monday, February 7, 2011

Bollywood v. Livelihood

The very name brings in a fantastic phantasmagoria in the sprightly minds of today's Youngistan..!
It brings into limelight, suave mannequin-like dames, hunks with six pack abs, the Ritz, glitz, glamor and the paparazzi echoing in amidst this couldron of utopian thoughts and actions...
I call it Utopian, because everything is 'perfect' in Bollywood..or shall I say, everything which is there in Bollywood is perfect..!
The girl has a 'perfect' figure, a 'perfect' smile..the guy has a 'perfect' body, a 'perfect' job...
This 'perfect' girl is 'beautiful'...sometimes boisterous though...She is constitently being portrayed as a tool of man and not as a human being...The reason for a guy's depression is the stock market crash..but the reason for the girl's depression is a break-up..! (Why the hell do men think that women depend on them for their lives?!) The hero is a wannabe director and this is appreciated...but the fact that the female lead aspires to be an actress is looked down upon by her very own man..! And this is taken for granted..!
In the Filmfare Award functions, the honors accompanying the Best Actress Award are done away with, without creating much ado about it...But the announcement for the Best Actor Award is made as it is 'THE AWARD OF THE NIGHT'...
Even in this era of legal literacy gaining acceleration like never-before experienced, actresses are paid far lesser than their male co-stars..! And everyone (including the actresses) takes it for granted..!
What a shame on us..! We, the People of India, who so solemnly and devoutly boast of being the largest democracy in the world, who boast of being a sovereign nation, is this the sovereignty, very obliviously behold the sight of this moral and societal decadence, against which we wage the everyday war with life..!
The 'hero' is always physically strong..and intelligent...And if he is not, he becomes the butt of the jester's joke...The 'heroine' is always beautiful, hot and sexy...and most of the times DUMB..! And this mindset has been breeding into the minds of youngsters perennially..!
The result - A society built on the lines of the same old fairy-tales..!
Today, every teenage girl dreams of her 'dream boy' who 'comes to her on a 'white horse' (or a sedan)..Who is all-powerful and all-intelligent..Who will save her from all the petty troubles life throws upon her..and who loves her unconditionally, irrevocably and selflessly..!
Now, all of us know that such girl who sets out to lead her life based on such expectations, is in for a deep trouble..She is surely in for a shattering loss of trust and faith in life itself..! Because, she never knew life in its true manifestation..! She never knew what life is really all about..!
The only thing an average pre-teen or a teen has in his/her mind during their growing years is that, life is all about enjoyment..! Life is all about having fun..falling in love..with the fairy tale notion of 'leading a life happily ever after' lurking behind, and guiding their every thought..!!
Same is the case with the guys..! They breed the mindset that having girl friends is 'cool'...'Taking control' is cooler..'Being macho' the coolest..!
The youth of today is so very enamored by the poisonous beauty of Tinsel Town is that, sadly though, they have fallen prey to mass hysteria...They have stopped being what they are..! They just follow the crowd blindly..Some fashionista or their favorite star or their 'role model' sports a new wear which is considered 'hot' or 'cool' or whatever..and lo! Immediately they 'love' to wear the same apparel...They don't even rationalize into the question of their individual choice..they do not care about whether they personally like it or not...
The youth, so brought up in the world which is so very not theirs and which is so very other-worldly, fail to get a grip on their lives, when they come to face life, in its true unadulterated form..
But, by the time this happens, things would have fallen apart irreversibly..
It is hightime all of us realize that 'Dil to bachha hai ji...Thoda kachha hai ji..' suits Ishqiya and strictly Ishqiya...
All the dreams the movies show about life best suit the imagination and the meticulous direction of the Director...
Movies are pieces of art..and art is forever beautiful...Things are to be learnt from art. But art should not be such that it debilitates the very foundation on which Life rests..!..Movies should be meant for what they are made... entertainment..nothing less..nothing more..!
So, this litigation of Bollywood v. Livelihood favors the respondent Livelihood, in that the Judge, the all pervading Human Conscience, in the light of Justice, Equity and good conscience, has weighed in more points favoring it..!
Life is more important than anything, after all..!
Bollywood is a tiny piece of the gigantic pie of life..which has to be carefully baked by us..the bakers..! All of our pastries and pies are meant to be special and unique in their own ways..! The reason being, we form the master ingredient in all our yummy pastries..!! And, all of us are unique..!
Cheers..! To the beauty of Nature..! In making each of us special in our very unique ways..!
Bollywood calls for a celebration..! But not the cost of our Livelihood..!