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Let the river in you flow!

My mother, and my sister, have always been vocal in making the woman in me think about herself. Even as I admiringly stand in front of the mirror everyday to let the narcissist in me outside, my mother once asked me, "Will anyone give you the job you want, or give you good marks in the examination, just because you look good?". Then when this question was posed to me, I was busy with the narcissist and hence the question was very easily put aside as nothing.

But, after a few days, when I started thinking about the future me, I suddenly realised the import of the question. I realised the futility of trying to look beautiful every day. Why was it so important for me to look fashionable or stylish? I found that it was for the sake of others, and it was out of this external appreciation that I used to derive my internal self-worth. Now that I am young and my hair's not grey, and my face has no wrinkles, I can afford to feel like an angel. But, after, say some 40 years from …