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Living in an Age of Insecurity

This, is the age of insecurity.
The politicians are insecure about their parties losing the elections.
A student is insecure about his marks in exams.
A mother/father is insecure about her/his child's safety.
A nation is insecure about the culture it is losing.
A lover is insecure about losing his/her partner.
A human being is insecure about being judged by people.
Well, the "Securities market" too, ironically, is insecure about the ebbs and tides of the market rates!

And we - the lesser mortals, selfish, grumpy creatures, are trying to pull our strings together in this Age of mounting insecurity. Here is a poem which I would like to dedicate to all those insecure beings in us - may we be insecure enough to be insecure!

I look up at the sky,
Sun's shining with all its might,
Vultures taking a raucous flight,
The earth beneath dried and parched,
Yes, I am a farmer, serving you food at your table.

Swollen eyes, sleepless nights,
Tears trickling down my ruddy cheeks,

An Encounter at the Family Court

At last, I am living my dream of interning at the Trial Court at my home place, Dharwad. Otherwise, every vacations would see me off to Bangalore for an "elite" internship. A trial court internship comes at a discount of being "unglamorous", as judged by my peers at the law school. But, I thought I would give it a try, since I had not enough time to be at Bangalore for upward to 3 weeks, and guess what, I do not regret my decision a bit.

Securing an internship under a trial court lawyer in a place like Dharwad is a cake-walk. No e-mails, no CVs, no elaborate and bombastic covering letters, and above all, no head-scratching and waiting for that coveted Reply from the firm. You just approach the advocate personally, speak for a few minutes to him/her as to what an internship constitutes etc, etc (since many of the trial court advocates are not well-versed with the idea of internship), and about your interest to learn the praxis of Law, and there you go - your interns…

A "Literacy Program" on Girl Students' Exploitation and Protection

I recently had an opportunity to be a part of a "literacy program", as it was called, on girl students' exploitation and protection. It was organized by the Dharwad District Legal Services Authority, in association with the Children's Academy, the Women and Child Development Department, the Police Department, the District Children's Protection Unit, the Dharwad Bar Association, the Education Department, the Broadcasting Department and the Family Planning Association of India, Dharwad branch.
Yes, so much for the sheer amount of stakes involved in the literacy program. 
In the wake of the recent media obsession with the reportage of rape cases from every nook and corner of our villages, towns and blocks, this program was a given. There were Police Commissioners, the Women and Child Development Officers, the Chief Judicial Magistrate, the District Commissioner, renowned child psychologists, school teachers and advocates chairing the program. The Meeting Hall was f…