Living in an Age of Insecurity

This, is the age of insecurity.
The politicians are insecure about their parties losing the elections.
A student is insecure about his marks in exams.
A mother/father is insecure about her/his child's safety.
A nation is insecure about the culture it is losing.
A lover is insecure about losing his/her partner.
A human being is insecure about being judged by people.
Well, the "Securities market" too, ironically, is insecure about the ebbs and tides of the market rates!

And we - the lesser mortals, selfish, grumpy creatures, are trying to pull our strings together in this Age of mounting insecurity. Here is a poem which I would like to dedicate to all those insecure beings in us - may we be insecure enough to be insecure!

I look up at the sky,
Sun's shining with all its might,
Vultures taking a raucous flight,
The earth beneath dried and parched,
Yes, I am a farmer, serving you food at your table.

Swollen eyes, sleepless nights,
Tears trickling down my ruddy cheeks,
Yes, I love her, and she ditched me,
What on earth am I doing on this earth?

Women being raped, Men being jabbed,
Dreary city roads flinging blood all the way,
My daughter's not home, my son's out of town,
How am I supposed to stay calm?

Got an English education,
Graduation from an elite institution,
No job at hand, going on errands from pillar to post,
Will I ever get that job I desire the most?

Shares and bonds and debentures bought,
All my money went to naught,
Whither shall I go, who shall I call on?
All my wealth is long forgone!

Hear, hear, Mother Earth speak,
Heaving breathless sighs of disbelief,
Insecure about her future, not knowing what to do,
'Will I live or die' - is her insecure coo!

May we get a life,
May we stop imagining strife,
May we see only what we need,
May we stop feeding our greed!


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