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Vishwaroop to Atmaroop - A Journey to remember

Today, I watched Vishwaroop. I cannot think of any other movie which has touched me the way this movie has. It is its own class. It stands apart in today's Bollywood which doesn't seem to be tired of the same old gyrating Munnis and Sheilas and Fevicols!! It is a great piece of art, and, just like every piece of beautiful art, Vishwaroop has etched its footprints on the sands of eternity.

There is not a single scene in the movie which appears to be fictionalized or romanticized, somewhere on top of a glamorous mountain top. It showcases the plain cold-blooded (and cold-hearted) truth of today's world. Truth of that era in the history of the world, which is the most sophisticated, yet so savage; so developed, yet so under-developed and childish to say the least.

The movie has put a shining new mirror in front of the entire humanity (yes, the entire humanity, and NOT Hindus, or Muslims, or Christians, alone), in front of all of us - the great hypocrites; and we seem to be s…