What I learnt from you!

I have learnt a lot from you. These few days for which we were associated closely, fellow voyagers, looking onto the tempests, not losing hope, and above all, trusting each other, finding the broken pieces of us in each others' eyes. Trust. Respect. Love. Friendship.

Team work. The essence of it. Placing the vision of the team above all else. Literally, above all else. Reducing oneself to just another part of a machine which is set to run to realize an age-old dream. A dream which each of us cherished from a long time for ages, not having been able to fructify it individually.

Truths about life. Hard life. Truths about people. Their characters. Their behaviour. Truths about ourselves.  How can this day ever be forgotten? When we can look into each others' eyes and just know what it is. What it means to be. When we can just know that this is meant to be, and nothing else matters.

How things change when people come together to work for a common cause, placing aside all the trivialities. How good it is to work as a part of a team, and feel good, about the team. My first team work experience. On selflessness. On tact. On the ways of healthy manipulation, which are utterly essential in today's life for bare existence.

Having to bear the burden of each others' tantrums, never an easy job, but never an unsatisfying one! Feels good, not to be alone in the voyage. Feels good as a team! Feels good when I becomes We. And when We are totally grateful for doing away with the I.

We still have a long way to go, as amazing as the journey is, twists and turns, jostles and bolts, feeling the joy and suffering the sorrow together, a team can never replace individual gratification and achievement, is what I have learnt from you!

A team helps us stay grounded. Stay connected. With each other. And more importantly, with ourselves. Our roots. Teams make up the people. And definitely people make up the teams!

Amazing lessons! On practicalities of life! How to balance selflessness and selfishness on the rocking boat of life. On how to just know, without speaking a word, what is, and what ought to be. Thank you!


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