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Restitutio in integrum - A pipe dream?

"Any breach of an engagement involves an obligation to make reparation" - Chorzow Factory (Indemnity) Case, (1928) PCIJ Ser A, No 17, p 29.
This is but one example of what Law is essentially all about; of what Law aspires to be, and what it aspires to create. As I see it, Law aspires to create a world where people are sensitive towards others' feelings. A world which essentially takes care to see that none is hurt as a result of our commissions or omissions, and sometimes, irrespective of the fact whether we had an intention to hurt or no. 
According to me, Law is an integral part of our souls. It is the torch light which guides us as to how we ought to be. It is a dharma in itself. It is not something coming to us from outside. Law is within all of us. Among the many maxims and doctrines which I have come to be acquainted with, this particular doctrine - restitutio in integrum - has caught my attention. All it means is this: the wrong doer has to see to it that the wron…