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Why Gossiping is good for our Social Health

Gossiping. Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

He is a dawg. She is an attention-seeking *****.

Gossiping. It is the most popular and the most favorite pastime of Indians (Yes, We the Indians!).

Till very recently, I had been a staunch votary AGAINST gossiping! Alas! How can I possibly say in words what all I have lost by this attitude against gossiping?!

I have realised the hard way that, willy-nilly, you GOT TO BE a part of the gossiping circle around you. And if you choose not to be involved, you are gonna pay a heavy price for it.

What do I mean by "get involved"?

Am I instigating you to spread all falsified and exaggerated claims about people you hate?

Am I asking you to be a sadist?

Am I asking you to waste your precious time in making the people around you the sole aim and purpose of your life?

Why would I even ASK you to do anything for that matter? :D

Well, my answer to all these questions is this: NO.

What I mean by "get involved" is simple: Do Not Turn a Deaf Ear …

What purpose do Fairy Tales serve?

Fairy tales.

Oh so lovely faces, slender figures, charming princes, and the "happily lived ever after" sagas.
So perfectly designed, so perfectly pictured, and so perfectly etched into the children's tender hearts and minds, that they forget real life.

Yes they do.

They grow up into girls who crib about their hairstyles and make-up, who freak out if they don't get matching pants and shoes, who are extra sensitive about their looks, and who want to be loved by all.

Welcome to the world of  unreal realities, where hearts are broken even before they are fully formed, and people are hated even before they are given the chance of being loved.

What am I even talking about? Wait, lemme explain.

Today, I had to get a bona fide certificate from my college. I had to wait for two hours to get it, and it was freakin' irritating for me to wait for that long. Bureaucracy. Red tape. One nation. One soul. Welcome to India.

I set my thoughts rolling and this was what I found ins…

Flickering Lights, Bickering Nights

Matching pace with the roads here, cool wind in my hair,
Bumping off the bumpers, containing a thumping heart,
Smile on my lips, and face towards the fading moon
The dark blue night has its way of calling me.

Flickering lights, oozing out glamour
The clothes, the glasses and the classes
Tip-toeing into one another's eyes and minds,
Glossy lips and steamy eyes
Hey 'yo, I am here to stay!

Smell of food, the prawns, 'n crabs, 'n fish,
Dancing with the soupy wave of choco brownies,
Clapping hands, jumping feet,
Faces smiling all the way to our hearts.
Hey 'yo, bickering nights have come all the way!

Rising towers, soaring dreams,
Twinkling eyes, so doing stars,
The hush 'n slush of the waters,
The creaking 'n squeakin' of the bikes
Hey 'yo, the golden oriole is all set to fly!

Flickering lights, bickering nights
Dreamy eyes, sleepy vibes,
Mind-numbing music, heart-thumping dance,
Roads calling, goading flying,
Hey 'yo, I am free, I am free, I am fr…

"Bussing" around Bangalore - An Ode to the City Bus

Buses, buses and buses. Buses of all colors, sizes, qualities and make. Some jerky, some smooth as butter, some harsh as a devil. Some remind you of the global IT city that Bangalore is, and the others make your back and head burst out of irritated agony. 
Symbols of Democracy
Travelling in buses can be really exciting, despite the incumbent discomfort of travelling long hours, sometimes standing all the while. I feel buses are the most successful exemplars of democracy. Buses are great levelers. They are no match to the comforts of A/C cars or private jets. Why?
Because, you get to feel the pulse of the city, its soul, while traveling in the city buses. The kind of people, their variety, their disposition, are all like a colorful display of fabric, a feast to the eyes and the heart. 
My journey
I get to travel for around 3 hours in total everyday to and from work. And, man! I do not think I would have understood Bangalore like the way I have, if I would have cocooned myself in some sm…

Bangalore Diaries

Yet again here I am, at one of India's booming cities, trying to 'make my life', just like everyone else who comes to cities like this do, or try to do.
There is a peculiar glamour attached to this place, with all its dirt, dust and pollution (both intrinsic and extrinsic, if you know what I mean). Feeling at home, amidst millions of people alien to you, now that's something which gives you the chill of the winters amidst the warmth of the sun. Never had I imagined I would frequent this place so often, and never had I been able to comprehend the way this city would shape me.
The first day of my internship I came here, I was lost in this familiar sea of wilderness (a beautiful irony which has held me hostage). One word which I could muster to describe this city that day - madness! Now, madness is good or bad, you decide! For me, this madness is quite heady! It's exciting and it gives me a high. What kinda high?
A surging inspiration and aspiration to raise my bars,…