Break open all the one with the Boundaryless..!!

You are me....I am You....We are the Universe...We are the trees, the insects, the animals.....We are Our Enemies...We are Our Hatred....We are the Love...Love thyself....You will love the Universe....Hate yourself....and you will discern that you are the most hated..!!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Flickering Lights, Bickering Nights

Matching pace with the roads here, cool wind in my hair,
Bumping off the bumpers, containing a thumping heart,
Smile on my lips, and face towards the fading moon
The dark blue night has its way of calling me.

Flickering lights, oozing out glamour
The clothes, the glasses and the classes
Tip-toeing into one another's eyes and minds,
Glossy lips and steamy eyes
Hey 'yo, I am here to stay!

Smell of food, the prawns, 'n crabs, 'n fish,
Dancing with the soupy wave of choco brownies,
Clapping hands, jumping feet,
Faces smiling all the way to our hearts.
Hey 'yo, bickering nights have come all the way!

Rising towers, soaring dreams,
Twinkling eyes, so doing stars,
The hush 'n slush of the waters,
The creaking 'n squeakin' of the bikes
Hey 'yo, the golden oriole is all set to fly!

Flickering lights, bickering nights
Dreamy eyes, sleepy vibes,
Mind-numbing music, heart-thumping dance,
Roads calling, goading flying,
Hey 'yo, I am free, I am free, I am free!

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