What purpose do Fairy Tales serve?

Fairy tales.

Oh so lovely faces, slender figures, charming princes, and the "happily lived ever after" sagas.
So perfectly designed, so perfectly pictured, and so perfectly etched into the children's tender hearts and minds, that they forget real life.

Yes they do.

They grow up into girls who crib about their hairstyles and make-up, who freak out if they don't get matching pants and shoes, who are extra sensitive about their looks, and who want to be loved by all.

Welcome to the world of  unreal realities, where hearts are broken even before they are fully formed, and people are hated even before they are given the chance of being loved.

What am I even talking about? Wait, lemme explain.

Today, I had to get a bona fide certificate from my college. I had to wait for two hours to get it, and it was freakin' irritating for me to wait for that long. Bureaucracy. Red tape. One nation. One soul. Welcome to India.

I set my thoughts rolling and this was what I found inside the rolling thoughts:
  • Why wasn't I taught not to get irritated at imperfection?
  • Why didn't my story books teach me about manipulating the bad, instead of being good?
  • Why didn't I learn to appreciate the power of Negative?
  • Why didn't I come to love the Beast for its power, and why didn't I learn to use its power to my benefit?
  • Why did I want to be a pretty princess, instead of redefining what being a Princess is?
  • And if I was a foolish child to believe in what I read, I think such dangerous literature which shape a child's mind shouldn't be in existence?! Or, foolish children also should be taken into consideration, before writing about charming princes and beautiful barbies?
Do fairy tales really cater to today's needs of children? What purpose do fairy tales serve?

Don't they cherish false hopes in young minds that one day, a fairy would come and pick away all their problems and everything would be alright?

They make girls so dependent on others! "Fairies" they are called! "Princes" they are called! Blah!

We do not need "fairies" to make our "tales". We need "heroes", and they are "US"!!

What purpose do Fairy Tales serve?!


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