Why Gossiping is good for our Social Health

Gossiping. Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

He is a dawg. She is an attention-seeking *****.

Gossiping. It is the most popular and the most favorite pastime of Indians (Yes, We the Indians!).

Till very recently, I had been a staunch votary AGAINST gossiping! Alas! How can I possibly say in words what all I have lost by this attitude against gossiping?!

I have realised the hard way that, willy-nilly, you GOT TO BE a part of the gossiping circle around you. And if you choose not to be involved, you are gonna pay a heavy price for it.

What do I mean by "get involved"?

Am I instigating you to spread all falsified and exaggerated claims about people you hate?

Am I asking you to be a sadist?

Am I asking you to waste your precious time in making the people around you the sole aim and purpose of your life?

Why would I even ASK you to do anything for that matter? :D

Well, my answer to all these questions is this: NO.

What I mean by "get involved" is simple: Do Not Turn a Deaf Ear When You Run Across Something About Someone, Be It An Exaggeration, A Mere Fluke, Or Be It Anything For That Matter. Lend Your Ears. And, Your Brains.

Please Do.

Why? To Quote a Cliche (May be this is why Cliches are called Cliches!) - There is No Smoke without the Fire. I do not know whether this holds good in all life circumstances but yes, at least till now, I have found this to be true.

You get the opportunity to at least roughly gauge and judge a person when gossiping. (listen, people say we should not be judgmental about people. But, don't you feel that judging people is inevitable in leading our lives? Why don't you go befriend a criminal or a murderer, if you won't judge? We talk about ideals, but reality is far away from it. Can we ever love Bin Laden? Can we ever rationalise loving people like him, in the name of "human rights" and "humanitarian cause"?!).

The second benefit of gossiping: You get to know to what extent a person can fall beneath his/her level, in degrading/defaming the people about who s/he is gossiping, for no real reason. Thus, when this happens, you either get to know something about the person who is being gossiped about, or, about the gossiper himself/herself (or sometimes, about your own self too!)

Thirdly, you would know how to strategically place yourself in your social environs; you would grow the ability to know how to deal with the different kinds of people around you. And, as an added advantage, you would know how to deal with new people whom you would meet in the due course of your life!

Fourthly, and the most obvious advantage, you ease your mental pressure by literally vomiting all the things out of your filth-laden mind!

Am I rationalising gossiping? I do not know. But, I have realised all the above-mentioned through my experience.

So, happy gossiping :)

(Disclaimer: You overdo gossiping at your own social, mental, emotional, and sometimes physical, cost.)

Thank you.


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