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You are me....I am You....We are the Universe...We are the trees, the insects, the animals.....We are Our Enemies...We are Our Hatred....We are the Love...Love thyself....You will love the Universe....Hate yourself....and you will discern that you are the most hated..!!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

On Crimes and Criminals

Criminals. Crimes. Punishments. Verdicts. Imprisonments. Fines. All in the name of doing good. To whom? To the "society at large". 

Here is my Facebook status which I updated sometime back:

A criminal may have a super valid justification for having committed his crime. Nevertheless, he remains a criminal. But, what if the criminal doesn't want to be reformed? He doesn't believe in the prisons and the criminal justice system, no verdict affects him, nothing can be done to make him realise what he did was "wrong"? Whereto does the system go? What for are the advocates needed? And, most importantly, what remains of the intrinsic justification of having the blurry myth called LAW?!

I realised that this statement is fundamentally wrong, because it is based on an unverified premise that a "criminal" has a universal definition. That is, I have assumed without evidence that all of us living on this Earth here and now know exactly who is a criminal, what are his/her traits, and what are the crimes doing of which  entails a person to be held as a criminal. Above all, I have also assumed that we have an exhaustive list of "crimes" with us already, and it's just a matter of "Match the Following" - assigning every "accused" with the possible crime s/he may have committed. 

But, where are we headed? On what basis do we accuse someone of having committed some crime? What is the yardstick with which we measure the "just and reasonable to cause to believe that the person is involved in committing the crime"? This, clearly ain't math, and a great amount of discretion goes into deciding it. Is human discretion always reasonable? If yes, it wouldn't have been called "discretion". When No, what's up with Law? 

We HAVE to start somewhere. Somewhere. Some-sane-where. What's sane? Does sanity has a universal definition? Well, does the Universe have a universal definition?!! Is anything permanent? Or I better ask, is whatever that is permanent, real? Is everything that is permanent, only mythical and illusory? Well, life itself is temporary, though real. When this is the case, the converse can as well be said to be true?!

Crimes. Who defines them? Why? Does anyone commit the crimes knowing very well they are doing something "wrong"? Law says it's wrong, because our conscience says so. But then again, are our consciences the same? No, law says its wrong because our reason says so, and reason is always backed by logic, and logic varies. What's logical may not be true. 

So, crimes and criminals are all about basic logic and reason alone? Or, added to them, a tinge of the consciences of the selected few of us who have been lucky enough to hold positions of authority in this dynamic society? May be all of this is an exaggeration. But then, can the question I have asked above be answered? What are crimes? Who are criminals? 

Why I want your issue to stay unresolved

Truth. Right. Wrong. Falsehood. Love. Life.

Has anyone of us understood the true ramifications of all the above concepts? I don't think so. And, they can never be understood completely by us. We, as individuals, are imperfect, and incomplete. Yes, we are the embodiments of divinity itself, but we are the embodiments of the Satan as well. Divinity is to remain elusive to us, insofar as we remain aloof, away from each other, not trying to act as a collective humanity.

You say you are right. I say I am right. You say I am wrong. I say you were wrong. Then, you say, we should learn to stop differentiating between the rights and wrongs of our lives. If this happens, what remains of Law? What remains of morality? In a world where everything is right and everything is wrong, or where nothing is wrong and nothing is right, can we practically exist? You kill me, you are right, you are wrong, you are neither right, you are neither wrong. And, so on, everyone does what he or she finds alluring to his/her fertile imaginations, and everyone justifies their naive actions, and everyone is neither right, nor wrong.

A very easy, coward, lame "solution" you have found out, to the eternal debate between what's right and what's wrong. Yes, I am wrong in writing this post, though you say there's nothing right and nothing wrong with things around us :)

What all can fear do to a man? It can change what's truth for him. It can change what life means to him. More importantly, it can change what he is. It makes him seek security, in his thoughts, words and actions. Being careless, being not responsible to anyone, just being, is the ultimate manifestation of what fear can do to a man. Fear of commitment. Fear of being a human being. Fear of being accountable. Fear of recognizing the God within us, lest we be ridiculed by life for being so chicken!

You are, for me, a puzzle which can never be solved. You have the elements of the entire Universe within you. You are never singular, never linear. You are everything that the Universe holds within itself. Good, bad, ugly, you name it, you are it. So, when I have this Universe of yours in my mind, why should I let go of it? Am I sad? No. Am I longing for something/someone? No. Am I angry? Perhaps Yes, but then, who is not angry with the Universe?

I do not want the Universe in my mind to collapse. It has to stay there. It supplies me with newer ways of thinking, newer ways of looking at things, newer ways of staying neutral, newer ways of living. Do I love it? Of course not. I can only be in awe of it. And respect it, and love God for having created it. Though it's violent.

I want your issue to stay unresolved. Let the case go on, for years, on and on, on and on. I want to hear both the parties. Their words, their thoughts, they are music to the ears. Both of them are right, both of them are wrong, neither of them is right, neither of them is wrong. They are doing their job, I want to watch them do it.

I want your issue to stay unresolved. :)