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The moment you set yourself free

There comes a moment in your life, when you just let go.

When you set yourself free. When you no more think about it.

When you no more want to dwell on it. When you no more find meaning in it.

When you no more tie yourself down, or let it weigh you down.

This moment comes, when you are tired. Saturated. Thinking.

When your mind transcends the boundaries of thoughts and loses itself into the seamless expanses of the mental universe.

When you can just watch your mind, swimming, crawling, flying, floating, knowing-not-what-it-is-doing. You just watch it. Sometimes going motionless, you think it's dead.

And lo! How can it ever lose hope? How can it ever lose itself?

Just because it wanders, it ain't lost. It may as well be redefining what getting lost means :)

When this happens, this is when you set yourself free.

Free from yourself. When you discover your fluid self, ready to take the shape of the varied containers the world throws at you, some angrily, some expecting you to cat…