Break open all the one with the Boundaryless..!!

You are me....I am You....We are the Universe...We are the trees, the insects, the animals.....We are Our Enemies...We are Our Hatred....We are the Love...Love thyself....You will love the Universe....Hate yourself....and you will discern that you are the most hated..!!

Monday, March 25, 2013

What I learnt from you!

I have learnt a lot from you. These few days for which we were associated closely, fellow voyagers, looking onto the tempests, not losing hope, and above all, trusting each other, finding the broken pieces of us in each others' eyes. Trust. Respect. Love. Friendship.

Team work. The essence of it. Placing the vision of the team above all else. Literally, above all else. Reducing oneself to just another part of a machine which is set to run to realize an age-old dream. A dream which each of us cherished from a long time for ages, not having been able to fructify it individually.

Truths about life. Hard life. Truths about people. Their characters. Their behaviour. Truths about ourselves.  How can this day ever be forgotten? When we can look into each others' eyes and just know what it is. What it means to be. When we can just know that this is meant to be, and nothing else matters.

How things change when people come together to work for a common cause, placing aside all the trivialities. How good it is to work as a part of a team, and feel good, about the team. My first team work experience. On selflessness. On tact. On the ways of healthy manipulation, which are utterly essential in today's life for bare existence.

Having to bear the burden of each others' tantrums, never an easy job, but never an unsatisfying one! Feels good, not to be alone in the voyage. Feels good as a team! Feels good when I becomes We. And when We are totally grateful for doing away with the I.

We still have a long way to go, as amazing as the journey is, twists and turns, jostles and bolts, feeling the joy and suffering the sorrow together, a team can never replace individual gratification and achievement, is what I have learnt from you!

A team helps us stay grounded. Stay connected. With each other. And more importantly, with ourselves. Our roots. Teams make up the people. And definitely people make up the teams!

Amazing lessons! On practicalities of life! How to balance selflessness and selfishness on the rocking boat of life. On how to just know, without speaking a word, what is, and what ought to be. Thank you!

Friday, March 22, 2013

What's "Love"? - Rediscovered Self-ishness

Radical thoughts. 
On Love. 
On Selfishness. 
Continue reading only if you are brave enough to listen to a radical thought. 

The one very over-rated emotion in today's world is Love. Be it romantic or platonic. In fact, according to me, the core of both romantic and platonic love is one and the same. Plain affection. Because of plain selfishness.

Now, when I say this, I would see many a scorn bumping towards my face. I say, selfishness is a very under-rated human character. Or may be, the least understood character. Self-ish, like child-ish, brown-ish and other '-ishes', it's just another quality, which every speck in this Universe possesses.

Why does the Sun burn Hydrogen and Helium in its core? Or, why does the Sun exist? Isn't it because of it's own Self? Wouldn't it be inappropriate and utterly foolish of us to say, "The Sun shines for Us, it is there for Us!" How parochial can parochialism get? If it were the case that the Sun is existing for Us, our end should mark its end, shouldn't it? Because if the Sun doesn't have any other innate reason for being 'alive', other than 'for Us', why would God waste his time and energy creating and maintaining the Sun? 

Isn't it existing for itself? And whatever benefits we are deriving out of it, logically speaking, aren't they wholly subsidiary? Let me put this in another way. The Sun has been in existence even before Homo Sapiens came into being. This proves the point that, neither is the Sun shining FOR US, nor are we living FOR THE SUN.

But I had to write about Love right? Right. But, I find Love and Selfishness so intricately and inseparably connected, that without proving the point that Selfishness is the Fundamental Nature of every Speck in this Universe, I would fail to make my point about Love.

Now, I would like to define 'Selfishness' before I am shooed off as just another self-contained egotistic moron. According to me, self-ishness is the quality of being there for one self, without feeling any need for searching or having any external reason, for existence, for eating, for reading, for travelling, for loving, for caring, for being kind, for being happy, for wanting peace, for shunning war, for anything and everything. Yes, this is selfishness according to me. Because, I am happy because I am selfish. I am not selfish because I am happy. Hope you get the difference.

Same is the case with everything else. I eat because I live for my-self, I eat not because I do not want to hurt others, hence I am selfish. Come on, no one eats not to hurt others! It's absurd. Hence, selfishness is not.
I love because it concerns my-self. Does this mean love is innately selfish? Isn't this proposition dangerously hurtful?!

Such rebellious interpretation of self-ishness is a strict no-no in this world, right? After all, we are the great civilized people, who give speeches on the vices of selfishness, unmindful of the disposition of the listener towards us! This brings me down to the simplest of all the questions: Why do we speak? Isn't it because we want others to listen to us? Why do we want others to listen to us? We just want to be heard. Why? Why? "Man is a social animal", said Aristotle. Don't forget, in the end, an animal. Social because, we like socializing. Why do we like socializing? To meet people. Why? To know people. Why? Tat tvam asi. It all burns down to this wonderful aphorism said thousands of years ago.

Self-ishness is, thus, at the core of everything. Why does the air have to be everywhere? It is self-ish. Preserving self-hood. This blog, reading it superficially, may sound very annoying, irritating, illogical and crazy. I agree. But, the proposition here is of redefining, or I better say, re-discovering what self-ishness exactly is. And thus, what Love actually is.

Self-lessness, according to me, is unknown to Nature. "Mother's Love is the most self-less Love". I disagree.  Say "mother's love is the most unconditional, and the most pure", I whole-heartedly agree, but it's definitely not "self-less", for one very simple reason: Without her-'self', how can a mother love? It is through this 'self' of hers, that she unconditionally pours in her love to her children. Hence, it is through this innate quality of her being self-ish, that she is the Goddess of Pure and Unconditional Love.

Because Self is the core of every Creation on this Earth, Self-ishness can't be divorced from Creation. A Tree is also Self-ish. It is through this Self-ishness that it shades us, soothes us. And we rest under the tree, because we are self-ish, born with the innate, indestructible character of always wanting to protect and preserve our-'selves'. 

Hence, what's Love?

Love is NOT the lack of self-ishness. No self-ishness, No Life; No Life, No Love. No Love, No Universe. 

Love is infact Self-ishness redefined, or, as I said, Self-ishness rediscovered. Practicing a healthy form of Self-ishness is what love is all about. Too much of anything is definitely too bad. Not only for itself, but for everything in and around it. Same is the case with Love. 

Love wanting to destroy Self-ishness, destroys itself. Love attempting to go self-less, wrings itself to death. Nature and its Self-ishness can never be questioned. We are what we are, and things are what they are, because Nature is Self-ish. It is what it is. And hence, it is. 

Tat tvam asi.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Big Bare Tree - Nudity and its Lessons

It was a long day today. An unplanned agenda unfolding itself to be experienced, as it came. Just like life. No following the rules, even if we do frame them articulately. It all comes with its own set of 'rules' or a lack of it, if it can be called so.

As I stood at the Court Circle with my friend, having laughed my wits end with her, munching on a piece of Kachori, my eyes caught sight of a big bare tree. No leaves. No green. Just the majestic tree, in all its splendid nudity. It was beautiful. And I kept thinking about it all along my way home. Pure beauty is infectious. And unmatchably heady.

Trees have always captured my imagination and attention. Not all of them, but only those, which stand there stretching their arms out far and wide, looking at the Providence with a spark in their eyes, their face being flushed with a calm smile, earnestly looking at God with an inner voice saying, "I trust you, God!", and yes, with no lush green hiding their true beings.

Trees. The mighty trees. Weathering the storms, the thunder and the rain, sheltering the birds from far and near, serving as a resting place for weary travellers. Trees. The mighty trees. Clothed in vibrant green, and in varied hues and shades of it, they look rich. They are indeed rich. Or, are they?

Today was spent in listening to stories. Stories of unfulfilled expectations. Stories of heart breaks. Stories of wretchedness, of self-pity, remorse, all amidst a thin ray of glimmering hope, courageously hoping against all odd hopes. Under a big leafy tree, with tufty sinews throwing out an aura of enigma and inimitability, we sat listening to each other, and to ourselves. Words. And the inimitable tree. "You hath no power to overpower me", said they. Youth echoed in the same sentiment. Or so it seemed.

But this Big Bare Tree, there was nothing tufty about it. Bare trees are never tufty. Never enigmatic. They are nude. What secrets can nudity have? They stand there proud and beautiful and graceful. Proud of having taken life by its collars every time it threatened to sway them away. Beautiful because of their purity and genuineness. No hiding behind the hustle-bustle of the rustling leaves. Leaving the leaves behind, standing tall with all their majesty. And graceful, for having accepted their smallness before Nature. Before the Sky. Before God.

I strongly feel that the Big Bare Trees can be our biggest teachers. Nudity is the best teacher. Because, it's the purest thing on Earth. No strings attached. No flares. No artifice. Plain creation exuding simple complexity. Nudity is never afraid of criticism. It's above it all. It's at the doorstep of God.

Many of us fret and fume about the people around us. The people we "love". We are always found "wanting" the people we "love". "I want him to call me everyday", "I want her to abide by my dictats", "I want her to understand me", "I want him to spend time with me", the "wants" and the supposedly inherent "love" drag on thus to eternity. Never open. Never nude. And hence, never pure.

The trees of almost all relationships are always found to be all flared up with the luscious green of desire, self-worth, self-esteem, ego, possessiveness, and what-not, thus hiding the rusty purity of soul underneath them. They never shed their leaves, quite contrary to Nature's rule, and thus start the pangs of hatred, jealousy, sorrow, grief, etc. Shedding the leaves. Shedding the clothing. Going bare. It is the Rule of Nature. No abiding it, and you are a gone case.

The Big Bare Trees. They aren't old. They are celebrating the vibrancy of autumn. They kiss the sky and embrace it with all their self, and they are afraid of nothing. No pretence. No shallow concerns or worries. It's just them reduced to their utter basic existence, and their conversation thus with God. Isn't it the essence of all our lives too? Radiating purity of existence?

Why are we always found "wanting" things? Is it always about "wanting"? Why can't we be The Big Bare Trees? With a Big Heart, showing the feelings Bare, no pretence? But yes, what is Bare can be perceived by some as dangerous. Well, it's not. If it is, it's not Bare. It has a clandestine cover of selfishness or some other vice. But it can never be Bare. When Bare things are nevertheless tagged 'weird' or 'unusual', which happens quite a lot of times in these times of narrowing comprehension of God, it's just our inability to understand that the Nature is toying around with variety, adding spice, trying to cut across the monotonous mundane. It may be different. We may term it 'unusual' or 'weird'. But what is, it just is. No tags attached.

Just like the Big Bare Trees. And just like us, the Big Bare Trees? Caring, helping, serving, and above everything else, believing, trusting, hoping and having faith? Tat tvam asi?

Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Winds and the God

20 brave years. How brave? What brave? How brave is brave enough? Enough of a score to have had lead her mind to a stand still. A stasis. Tired of thinking. Tired of making it up. Tired of the way the mind works.

The winds. Weathering the winds of variegated dispositions, all due to her sheer desire to give each of them, a chance. A chance which could save her from obscurity. The sheer instinct of finding that one gush of wind, which would make her world turn topsy-turvy. Yes. The winds, the mighty winds.

We should call it her innocence or strength? Obstinacy or hard will? Ambition or desire? Wanting to risk it or  just plain dumbness? Or a heady mixture of all these? She knows not. All she knows is, Yes, the winds came. And Yes, she embraced them. Embraced them with such purity of love and passion, that God alone could have understood what it all meant to her.

The winds tore her apart. The mighty winds. Gusty winds. Every time she was torn apart, she gathered her pieces. Tried to fill in the jigsaw. She trusted the winds. Yes, hoping against all sane hopes, trusting against the odd trustworthiness of the winds, she trusted.

But the winds, the heartless winds. Her skin drew parched and dry, even as her heart thumped so hard, that she could not comprehend whether it had collapsed irrevocably, or had seared clear of all its juicy outflows. The earth in her knew no more thirst. No more desire. No more hope. Not even hopelessness.

There was this weird world where she found herself, where nothing existed. And nothing mattered. No joy, no grief. No happy, no sad. No desire, no lack of it. Limbo, or no limbo, perhaps. She stood there, staring at her God, his cold, merciless eyes? What was He trying to tell her? What is He trying to tell her? He loves her. She hopes He does.

God did not bat an eyelid. He sat there as an effortless stolid figure. She looked hard into Him. He exchanged with her the same courtesy.

What was He trying to tell her?

What is He trying to tell her?