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The Dawn Finally Arrived! - An Appeal to God

God! I love you! And I thank you, as always! For everything!

For the Darkness! It made me grow!
For the Dawn! It made me know!

I cannot possibly explain the depth of darkness in words. It's seamless. It's eternal. And it passed.

But, it didn't pass, just like that, in a whish. It left a mark.

A mark which is indelible. A mark which I shall be proud of! And at which I will look at for ages to come.
A mark which showed me my strength, my endurance, my patience, and my kindness. A mark, which, in spite of having left a mark, has left my slate spotless clean, for me to know more, grow more.

God, I cannot thank you much, for all that you have taught me, how in adversity, I need not despise my existence, and how in bliss, I need not despise world's existence.

I know you know that I now know :) And I can see you smiling at me, as you always do :)
Being there for me, with me, always, feeling my every pulse, speaking to me through my own voice.

I thank you for having unclutter…