....and Law School happened!

Fast forward a few months from now, and I will be a proud graduate. A Law Graduate. Law Graduate?!
Had I ever, in the wildest of my fantasies and dreams thought about studying Law and being a Lawyer? No :)

I smile, because I like the way this has happened, the way Law School has happened to me :)

I am proud not because of the same old rhetoric - I want to serve society, etc, etc - which is often only cited but less felt by the people who say it. 

I am proud because I am an evolved person, thanks to law and its people.

I do not fancy studying case laws (an honest confession - I have not yet read any case in full, I remember having read a few during the moots, but I do not remember the names and the content of the cases I have read, hence, the situation is as good as me not having read any case in full at all!) I do not like reading cases and sections, and I cannot do what I do not like.

Why on Earth did I choose to study Law then?

For Love's sake, my Love! For my Love of English language! Five years have elapsed since I made the decision and my Love towards English doesn't cease to amaze me, in fact, it has only grown!

(Yes, it's Love, not love.)

And do I regret choosing to study Law?

NO :) For every one reason you would give me in order that I hate my choice of studying Law, I have with me hundred reasons why I absolutely Love the choice I made at 17. I proudly own my choice.

Why do I Love Law so much?

Apart from all the high ideals which we are taught about, I love law because of the way it has changed me and everything around me. It has turned my world upside down and I love this upside-down way of looking at things.

Here I have tried to list out the things I have absolutely come to love about being a law student:
  • People: The kinds of people I have met has a wide spectrum. Starting from absolute douche bags, to very mature and considerate souls, from absolute addicts to teetotallers, from happy-go-lucky birds, to disciplined soldiers, I have seen them all, and this makes me feel good! (By the way, I have met a New Me also!) Some do not fail to keep inspiring me, and some do not fail in their constant unsuccessful endeavors of trying to put me down, and to adapt Frost, "people have come and people have gone, but I wanna go on for ever"!
  • Places: I have been one of those people who loved moots and internships not so much because of what I get to learn inside the court hall/office, but because of what I get to learn while, for example, travelling alone, making my way forward in a menacing crowd, visiting new places, meeting new people, the shopping I can do, the things I get to eat, etc. This may sound unprofessional but well, I did not say that I hated moots and internships and didn't give my hundred per cent wherever I went!
  • Perspectives: These exotic people and places I have met/been to (I call them exotic because they are just plain exotic!) have taught me that life has different perspectives to it, and we cannot cocoon ourselves from the world. We cannot be lost in our own old mad mad mental universes. We should make ourselves lucky enough to take a sneak peek into the others' own old mad mad mental universes too! Haha!
I think these 3 P's pretty much sum up my Law School experience till now.

I am glad for all the farishtas and the non-farishtas (substitute this word with the opposite of farishta :p ) for making me who I am, for making my world so crazy and beautiful at the same time, for making my law school life happen the way it has!

You never cease to amaze me!

Love you All!


  1. That is quite interesting journey through your Law graduation senior....Hope you will keep the same spirit ahead...Wishing you all the best for everything you face furthure....your caring junior..:-)

  2. Nice:) buck up buddy:) Y isn't there a like option here? Lol


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