Reconfiguring Realities: Day 2 of Facebooklessness

No time for Love. No time to stand, relax and/or enjoy the wonder that the Earth is. In what world have I been living in all these years?

I have got a test to give by tonight. In five months, I will be graduating. I do not have a job yet. I want to start earning. I want to start having a steady flow of income. Who will give me the job? What should I be doing right now, to get that job?

Where should I go, whom should I contact for the job? I can't sit complaining my college at this stage. I can no more blame the circumstances. What I have, I have, what I do not, I do not. Nothing less, nothing more. It's all left to me now, what I do with what I have, and how I use what I do not have, to my own benefit.

Yeah. Enough of the trivialities. Meaningless rant. Misplaced, ill-timed discussions about things which are not even our immediate concerns.

Time to Reconfigure the Realities. Of life, of career, of job, of security.

No more conferences, no more anchoring, no more youth fests, no more showing off. What's there will always be there, what's not there, won't be there, unless I get them in place. So, why worry?

I got to work for the long term, not for the short term gratifications. Not for the friends at college, but for a bigger goal called life itself. Time to prepare for the Test!


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