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Life after graduation: The lessons I learnt from my first job

So, it's been around one month and a half, approximately, since my final year results have been declared, and I have barely managed to be counted in the ilks of the few number of students from my class who have scored a 'First Class'. (Do not be mistaken by this 'Class'ification of students. It doesn't necessarily reflect upon the knowledge gained (by me). It's just a meaningless number that would be printed on my degree certificate, due to which I might earn some appreciation here and there, with some people still commenting that I could have done better, I could have gotten a distinction.) Anyway, we had been told that the Convocation (Aww!) would happen in the last week of September or the first week of October. But then, as was expected, no signs of any Convocation being held any time soon are to be seen.
After pretending to be seriously involved in the study of law for five lawwwwnngg years, I have finally gotten out of the role play I had been doing. I…