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What do I want to do in life?

I have never been so confused in life. Seriously. It's such a total mess inside my head. So many things going on, ideas and thoughts colliding with each other, with nothing conclusive happening. It's said that this shouldn't be the case at this stage and age of my life. I should already have got my answers. Seriously? I really want to know what such people are made of, who have successfully lived their lives in such a linear fashion. THEY HAVE ALWAYS KNOWN WHAT THEY HAVE WANTED IN THEIR LIVES! It's just wow! I for once haven't been bestowed with this wonderful power, NOT ONCE. I have never known conclusively what I have wanted in life. In fact, I didn't want to go to school during early childhood once 'coz the teacher used to hit/scold me 'coz I wouldn't do my homework, and once 'coz I was plain tired of school I guess. After the completion of my 10th std., I opted for Science (OMG!) 'coz well, I thought that was what I was supposed to do, …