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....and Law School happened!

Fast forward a few months from now, and I will be a proud graduate. A Law Graduate. Law Graduate?!
Had I ever, in the wildest of my fantasies and dreams thought about studying Law and being a Lawyer? No :)
I smile, because I like the way this has happened, the way Law School has happened to me :)
I am proud not because of the same old rhetoric - I want to serve society, etc, etc - which is often only cited but less felt by the people who say it. 
I am proud because I am an evolved person, thanks to law and its people.
I do not fancy studying case laws (an honest confession - I have not yet read any case in full, I remember having read a few during the moots, but I do not remember the names and the content of the cases I have read, hence, the situation is as good as me not having read any case in full at all!) I do not like reading cases and sections, and I cannot do what I do not like.
Why on Earth did I choose to study Law then?
For Love's sake, my Love! For my Love of English l…