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Why my marriage is none of your business

This post is dedicated to every single person, male or female, who has asked, or who will ask, me and my parents, questions like, "What kind of a guy do you want?", "When are you getting her married?", "Why don't you get her married?", "Are you searching for a guy for her?", "Do you know how to cook?", etc. 

People, Namaste.

I am a girl in my early twenties; haven't yet created an identity for myself, haven't learnt to stay comfortable within my own skin, haven't found myself as I want to be found by myself, haven't even started with my career. There's already enough clutter in my head regarding so many many issues and I clearly do not have any space left for any more concerns.

Why am I telling this to you? This is too personal right? Right. So is my marriage. MARRIAGE! Frankly speaking, everyone who has asked me or my parents the above questions, makes me pledge that I won't get married and I don't want…