Life at TISS so far - Some Major Learnings

Finally I have taken time to pen my thoughts down in my blog, hadn't done it since a very long time. It's so hard to believe that it's already October, 2015. Time just swooshed by so swiftly this year, it's remarkable. It's also hard to believe that it was on January 10 of this same year that I gave the TISS entrance exam, and every night thereafter, prayed with trepidation that I want to be there at TISS. My heart gets filled with warmth when I remember the early months of this year when I attended the entrance exam and interview of Azim Premji University, and yes, not to mention the Bar exam (which was such a joke, and whose results I am not able to access, I do not know why!). 

Most of the academic year 2014-2015 was spent by me doing nothing at all, but lying in my bed at home and dreaming of a better future, dreaming of the idiomatic light at the end of the tunnel. And ever since the day I got into TISS, it is as if time started running at double the speed and I am caught in a time warp in a different galaxy altogether, a different world altogether, where things are so very different, so very new, so very amazing and exhilarating at the same time! So MANY MANY things have happened in these months and I have changed in so MANY MANY ways, in ways that were unimaginable and unfathomable just months ago! 

It's true life is unpredictable and unimaginable, it's always wise not to try to predict the future and to live every moment wisely, taking care that we do not hurt ourselves in future, due to our present actions. I think this is the simplest rule we can follow in our life to live a happy and peaceful existence.

So what changes has TISS brought to my life? It's such an exciting feeling even thinking about the kind of changes it has brought in me. It was as if I was yearning to be at such an academic institution since years, and it finally happened, and I am so glad and humbled that it did happen! The academic environment here, the kind of people here, is all so different and so profound, just as I wanted it to be..

When a person like me comes out of a small place like Dharwad for the first time, to a cosmopolitan city like Mumbai, it is so easy to get carried away by everything that I meet with or see. The people, the kind of clothes they wear, the kind of attitude and behaviour they carry, the way in which they talk to each other about the opposite gender, the way in which they drink, smoke and smoke up, the way in which they sing, dance, eat, cry and laugh together, it has all been too overwhelming and breathtaking at the same time. 

It's as if my mental horizons have broadened remarkably in a very short span of time, the learning curve has been so steep, that now when the first semester is almost ending and I look back at my life journey till TISS, it is so hard for me to believe that I have not been here for more than four months, it's so hard to believe that my roots lie elsewhere and not here!

TISS has given me so much to cherish for, even in this short span, that I cannot possibly thank God with words for everything that has happened here. Today as I was thinking about going home for holidays, some weird uneasiness started creeping into my mind, and I realised that it was because I wasn't feeling comfortable accepting the fact that my "home" is elsewhere, in a place called Dharwad. I realised that TISS has become what I can call my "home" in its truest sense - I have friends here with whom I have cried the whole night, laughed the whole night, have had deep  meaningful philosophical discussions the whole night, friends with whom I have shared my deepest fears, sorrows, joy, happiness, thoughts with, and friends with whom I have been as irrational and unreasonable as I could possibly get, but I still continue to have them as my friends. 

I have seen them lose it too, and I am glad that I could be there for them when they weren't being there for themselves. I have seen myself pushing my limits inexorably and unbelievably with such ease and alacrity I thought I never possessed. I am watching my thoughts grow so mature and profound due to all kinds of lectures and thoughts from some of the brilliant minds of the nation that I get to hear here. I have seen myself being humbled by the beauty of people's minds and souls here, it has truly been a life changing experience. My stay here has made me more thoughtful and mindful of every action of mine, more caring and sympathetic towards sorrows and suffering and more confident about being myself without having the fear of being judged.

It was as if I found my home that I was looking for in TISS, and in all the people I met here. I realised the ultimate oneness of everyone of us living and breathing on this planet, and the oneness with the non-living things too. I realised that we as human beings are one and the same, like someone said "We are all as good and as bad as we can possibly get in our life time". I have met some of the most influential teachers I have had in my life at TISS. My teachers here have so substantially contributed in opening up my mind to be as less biased and judgemental as possible, it has been an intellectual feast attending the classes here. I wish to be such a teacher one day, inspiring students to think for themselves, unlocking their minds with the key of knowledge and revelling in the fact that the students are finally coming up with their individual and unique perspectives.

And, all my classmates and friends from other courses I met here, all of them have taught me so many things about life and its ways, directly and indirectly. My brief stay at the Aditya Birla Working Women's Hostel too seems like some dream from a distant past (hahaha!)

I still remember the way I cried when my father dropped me to the hostel and left for home, I felt like that kid who was dropped to the kindergarten for the first time...It was so hard for me to stop crying that night, but then, now I can proudly say that all of it, all the challenges that I faced here, all the tears shed and laughs laughed were so very worth every moment of their existence!

I never imagined coming to TISS would change me like this, that I wouldn't really look forward going home during holidays! But then, TISS also made me realise that come what may, I can never forget my roots, and I can never cut myself away from my roots. I realised that I cannot remain floating in an island, however beautiful it may seem. I will have to move to another island some day, but all the time, my roots, the ideals which my parents taught me to live by, would stay in my heart, forever.

I also realised to what extent my parents' ideologies and opinions matter to me - a thing that I had either taken for granted or ignored when I was staying with them. What they think of my actions and thoughts, does matter to me a lot, though I have always been the rebel since childhood. But, at the same hand, TISS taught me to count my blessings always, and to be grateful to whatever I have received from my parents and God since childhood. TISS also taught me to be fearlessly Me, because in the end, that is all that matters. TISS taught me to unquestioningly accept myself for all the bad and good that I am, because I am human and humans are imperfect. It made me realise that I should recognise this fundamental truth of our existence here on Earth, that all of us who are born as human, are imperfect, and it is okay to be imperfect, and that there's beauty in this imperfection!

Above all, TISS has given me memories that I will cherish for a lifetime! Looking forward eagerly for the next semester and life thereafter!

I hope that life keeps surprising me like it has always been doing, and I hope I develop the strength and courage to confront it all.

Hostel V, TISS Naoroji Campus, Mumbai (4:17 AM)


  1. Big institutes lend lot of knowledge apart from certificates. Good capture of that process in this writing...


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