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Living my dream of teaching - Some reflections

I distinctly remember my English period in Class 3, when my teacher was about to leave the classroom after the roll call. My friend and I were discussing what careers we will choose when we grow up. I thought for a few seconds and answered her, "I will become a Kannada teacher!" My English teacher, who was overhearing our conversation, looked at me and smiled. I thought it offended her that I wasn't willing to teach English, and I retorted to my friend, "No! I will become an English teacher!" My teacher again smiled at me and left the class.

Since that moment, consciously or subconsciously, I had been, and have been, nurturing this wish of mine to teach. Throughout my middle school, I used to teach imaginary students at my home, writing on the stone and wooden planks available around me. I had bought a big box of chalk pieces especially for this purpose. I used to feel an immense amount of pleasure and satisfaction doing this.

And then I joined law. Though gen…