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Freedom from my mind

I always wanted to be free. Free from all the invisible shackles, That bound me to invisible ideals That made me just a part of the whole.
I always dreamt of charting my own path, Path gleaming and glistening with youthful dreams Dreams that are screaming to be realized Dreams that have never been dreamt before
But dreams are just dreams It takes grit & guts to make them real Where did mine go? Where did I lose myself?
I lay prisoner within myself now The web which society weaved for me The web which I wanted to tear open I lay trapped within it I lay trapped within myself
I became the web I became the enemy I was fighting against I became the prison I dreaded I became the mask I wanted to shred
Where lies freedom? It's nowhere to be seen Where lie the dreams? They are nowhere to be found
All I have is society Living comfortably within my mind All I have is this mind Which is no more mine
The enemy has seeped into me Twisting and turning my identity It's beyond my recogni…