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Why do we celebrate Birthdays?

Birthdays. These are those awkward days on which we are made to realise that we are growing old. Albeit, in a celebratory mode. Why do we celebrate the day we were born on this Earth? What's so special in our births? Maybe the fact that all the cells, atoms & molecules in our bodies have fought hard to make it till date. Maybe every birthday is a reminder of the fact that we are born fighters. But, maybe also of the fact that we are slowly disintegrating into nothingness (or, everything-ness?!).

One aspect of the way in which we celebrate birthdays has intrigued me. And that is the so called "surprise" birthday parties. Is celebrating our birthdays even a surprise to us? As if we wouldn't know it's a special day unless we artificially create this "surprise" element? What's so surprising about the birthday parties? The materialistic gifts? The time and money spent in arranging for the event? Or the mere fact that we are aging? Isn't the cale…